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This episode is a two-for-one, and that’s because the podcast recently hit its 10-year anniversary and passed one billion downloads. To celebrate, I’ve curated some of the best of the best—some of my favorites—from more than 700 episodes over the last decade. I could not be more excited. The episode features segments from episode #287 "Terry Crews — How to Have, Do, and Be All You Want" and episode #466 "Richard Koch on Mastering the 80/20 Principle, Achieving Unreasonable Success, and the Art of Gambling"

Please enjoy!


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[04:48] Notes about this supercombo format.

[05:52] Enter Terry Crews.

[06:17] Terry's art background and growing up in Flint, Michigan.

[15:35] A favorite failure.

[22:40] Two ways of confronting an abusive father.

[30:41] Terry reflects on his favorite Ralph Waldo Emerson quote.

[34:20] How Terry coped with imposter syndrome on his first movie set — with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

[39:17] Enter Richard Koch.

[39:40] Richard's non-story story about wines, spirits, and chat shows.

[41:16] Exception to my "no book quotes" policy for Richard.

[42:10] Secrets revealed in Oxford's Bodleian Libraries.

[47:32] Richard's peculiar talent and its discovery.

[50:17] Richard's investing success despite weak numeracy: the star principle.

[59:48] Richard's $1.5 million investment decision.

[1:03:41] Business "segmentation" in The Star Principle.

[1:06:40] Principles governing Richard's portfolio.

[1:09:07] Richard's firing from BCG and meeting Bill Bain.

[1:19:03] The growth share matrix (Boston box) explained.

[1:22:50] What Bain and Company appreciated about Richard.

[1:36:07] Results of early partner-like behavior at Bain.

[1:40:00] Key takeaways from Perspectives on Strategy and other recommended books.

[1:44:06] Richard's preference for principles over knowledge and The 80/20 Principle's origin.

[1:57:58] Richard's happiness and time/energy allocation.

[2:01:16] Comparing journaling styles.

[2:07:24] Adventurers vs. controllers: who has more fun?

[2:10:36] Inspiration for Unreasonable Success and How to Achieve It.

[2:17:50] Richard's definition of success and nine landmarks of unreasonably successful people.

[2:20:56] Landmark one: self-belief.

[2:23:40] Landmark two: Olympian expectations.

[2:24:34] Landmark three: transforming experiences.

[2:32:52] Landmark four: one breakthrough achievement.

[2:35:36] Landmark five: make your own trail.

[2:35:50] Landmark six: find and drive your personal vehicle.

[2:45:24] Landmark seven: thrive on setbacks.

[2:47:54] Landmark eight: acquire unique intuition.

[2:48:15] Landmark nine: distort reality.

[2:48:56] How landmarks reinforce each other.

[2:51:24] Nelson Mandela's unique intuition during imprisonment.

[2:58:31] Richard's annual question instead of new year's resolutions.

[3:01:44] Parting thoughts.


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