David Wells, Chill Week From Tahoe + Mt Rushmore Of Worse Situations To Dump


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We’re live from Tahoe for Chill Week and we’re chilling with the boys. Mike Gundy made all the headlines Tuesday and we talk a little soccer (00:00:00-00:13:31). We then read a headline of a restaurant in trouble for boofing margaritas (00:13:31-00:18:38). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Keegan Bradley being named Ryder Cup Captain and Hank not understanding the importance of a backup bagel (00:18:38-00:37:41). Mt Rushmore of worst situations to have to take a dump (00:37:41-00:59:37). 21 year MLB pitcher David Wells joins the show to talk about his career, his mom being in Hells Angels, the time he almost kicked George Steinbrenner’s ass, his perfect game hungover and more (00:59:37-01:53:57). We finish with listener submitted Pardon Your Takes (01:53:57-02:05:01).

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