Greg Olsen, Celtics Take Game 2, SCF G1 And Vanny Woodhead Is Back


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The Celtics take a commanding series lead after winning Game 2. Jrue Holiday dominates and Kyrie is letting the Mavs down (00:00:00-00:27:09). Caitlin Clark left off the Olympics team and people are big mad (00:27:09-00:39:52). Who’s back of the week including Scottie Scheffler, James Harden and College Baseball (00:39:52-00:56:31). Greg Olsen joins the show to talk about upcoming TEU, winning an Emmy, being the second FOX game this year, what NIL would’ve looked like for him and more (00:56:31-01:45:27). We finish the show talking about the triumphant return of Vanny Woodhead (01:45:27-01:57:31).

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