The Gender Expert: Men Are Emotionally Dependent On Women & We're Treating Them Like Malfunctioning Women! Richard Reeves

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The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

500,000 men are dying by suicide, and 6% of men are unemployed, is masculinity in crisis? And what is the cure?

Richard Reeves is a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and President of the American Institute for Boys and Men, an organisation that researches and addresses issues affecting men. He is also the author of the book, ‘Of Boys and Men’.

In this conversation, Richard and Steven discuss topics such as, the rising rates of male suicide rates, the health benefits of marriage for men, the toxic impact of Andrew Tate, and the relationship crisis among men.

0:00 (Intro)

(01:24) Why Dedicating Your Career To Men's Issues

(03:54) What's Your Background?

(06:06) The Crazy Stats That Made You Research This Topic

(08:07) We're Going Through A Cultural Revolution

(12:32) We Need A New Way To Approach This

(17:12) Are Men And Women Differently?

(21:07) Men Take More Risks

(26:17) Unconscious Behaviours Of Men

(34:11) Suicide Is The Biggest Killer Of Men

(38:44) Why Is This Suicide Increasing?

(42:47) Why Do Humans Feel Like They Need To Be Needed?

(46:59) Why Men Feel Less Needed

(49:43) Does Retirement Kill You?

(54:43) We're Losing Connection In Our Modern Society

(57:42) The Dating Environment Has Changed

(01:05:23) Are Dating Apps Being Unfavourable To Men?

(01:09:41) Is Marriage In Decline?

(01:12:51) Births Are Increasing Outside Of Marriage

(01:13:56) Is Marriage Better For Women Or Men?

(01:15:59) Enforced Monogamy

(01:17:55) Why Andrew Tate Converted To Islam

(01:20:47) Women Economic Power

(01:22:56) What Do You Think About The Word Toxic Masculinity

(01:27:08) There Is A Friendship Male Recession

(01:31:38) Men Shed's Movement

(01:33:48) My Experience With Couples Therapy

(01:36:30) The Hard Times Of Going Through Couples Therapy

(01:40:25) How Masculinity Can Be Expressed

(01:47:42) What Advice You'd Give Your Children

(01:53:58) Using Our Voices To Make Men Be Heard

(02:01:22) The Last Guest Question

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