2 Ways to Believe in Yourself & Achieve Cool Things



This episode is a masterclass in how to believe in yourself, no matter what obstacles you face.

Learn how to achieve your most ambitious goals and do it with confidence.

Once you listen, your self-doubt won’t stand a chance.

You’ll learn:

  • One crucial step to start believing in yourself.
  • The surprising cure for self-doubt.
  • What David Goggins taught me about how to motivate yourself.
  • “You against you” – the reframe that Mel can’t stop talking about.
  • Why your self-confidence is critical to you feeling happier.
  • What it means to “speak truth to power” and how it will boost your confidence.
  • The acceptance speech people can’t stop talking about.
  • The person you need to thank every day.
  • One powerful question to help you stop your self-doubt for good.
  • What you should expect every single time you do something hard.

To go deeper into the topics shared in today’s episode, including links to all videos and resources mentioned, click here for the episode resource page.

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