3 Steps To Finding Your North Star: An Exciting New Approach To Designing Your Life



Welcome to an exciting new masterclass on designing the life of your dreams.

First, you’ll learn the process for identifying your own North Star, why this is important at the beginning of creating your new life, and how to use your North Star to guide you in the process of designing your life.

Next, you’ll dive deep into the 3-part framework: Emulate, Assimilate, and Innovate.

This framework is the backbone of the University of Southern California’s world-renowned Popular Music major taught at their Thornton School of Music.

It’s the creative process artists use to create songs, movies, and video games. The framework has helped launch Grammy-winning artists and touring musicians for the past decade.

I just learned about it a week ago and was so blown away that I had to share it with you.

When an artist creates a song, they begin with a blank piece of paper.

When you design your life, you are an artist with a blank canvas.

Today, you’re invited to tap into the artist within and learn how to find your North Star and use the creative process to bring your vision for your future to life.

Xo Mel

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 3:00: Hear me describe the woman who recently became MY North Star.
  • 6:40: Choosing this kind of person you want to choose as your North Star is best.
  • 8:00: Shout out to Chris Sampson from the Thornton School of Music for these pillars.
  • 10:15: If you skip Step One in this process, you’re making your life much harder.
  • 14:15: Here’s how Jennifer Aniston made her way into our conversation.
  • 18:10: We start unpacking what Step One of the process looks like, first with music.
  • 21:00: Think of the space in between where you are and want to be as special.
  • 22:15: Try using “want” instead of “need” when it comes to goals and see what happens.
  • 25:20: This is what I did when I first started to dig myself out, but it took me much longer.
  • 28:00: Here’s why this person is my North Star and why he puts a fire in my belly.
  • 31:15: Let’s define the first two steps in this important process and how they’re different.
  • 34:00: How do you know when you’re done and you’ve become your own North Star?
  • 41:45: Kendall’s biggest takeaway from working through this process.
  • 42:45: The way I sign out on all my podcasts was inspired by this woman.


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