4 Surprising Secrets of Successful Relationships (What I Learned From a Fight With My Daughter)



How do you have a “healthy” fight with your family?

How do you repair a relationship with someone you love?

Today Mel is joined by her husband Chris, their daughter Kendall, and their son Oakley to answer listener questions about all kinds of relationships.

This is the perfect episode to listen to with your family. You’ll hear the Robbins’ insightful, powerful, fun, and sometimes hilarious advice on how to get along with and love everyone in your family.

Hear Mel unpack the 4 important lessons she learned from a silly fight she had that morning with her daughter, Kendall (note: there is some cursing).

In this conversation, Mel, Chris, Oakley, and Kendall discuss:

The 4 important life lessons Mel learned from her fight with Kendall.

How to use the Let Them Theory to diffuse fights with family.

A smart relationship “trick” from a therapist that Mel and Chris love.

Mel’s funny story of how she ran into Reese Witherspoon.

How to repair a damaged relationship with your child.

When and how to apologize to your family.

What to do when someone you love is always angry at you.

The real reason you treat your family worse than you treat strangers.

What strengthens most parent-kid relationships?

What happened when guilt made Kendall do something she didn’t want to?

What to do when your kids don’t talk to you.

The reason family members start a fight.

The right moment to bite your tongue in an argument.

The one thing that will stop you from “advice vomiting” on your kids.

The phrase you need to repeat to yourself when you feel left out of your friend group. (Or when you just miss your friends.)

What you need to know that will help you feel more confident after a move to a new home or school.

What happens the moment you meet your idol. (It’s not what you think.)

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