5 Ways to Improve Your Subconscious Mind & Be Happier in 2024: Amazing Insight From Dr. Paul Conti



Want to learn how to be a happier and more successful version of yourself… from the psychiatrist that Lady Gaga says “saved her life?”

Mel sits down with Stanford-trained psychiatrist, trauma expert, and best-selling author Dr. Paul Conti to help you improve your mental health and be happier in 2024.

Topics discussed:

Toxic self-talk starts in childhood.

Cotard’s Syndrome: The extreme side of negative self-talk.

Your thoughts become your reality.

What to do when you feel like a failure or doomed to bad luck.

Feel happier when you say THIS to yourself.

5 strategies for changing your inner dialogue.

The one area where computers are better than the human brain.

Why you HAVE to process your childhood trauma.

What to do with a panic attack.

The ONE thing you need to know about change.

What an umbrella has to do with how you think about yourself.

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