6 Steps to Navigating Major Change Like a Pro (a Hilarious Guide to Back-to-School and College Drop-Off Season!)



In today’s episode, you are getting a relatable and hilarious guide to navigating major transitions like a pro.

Join me in a real and raw conversation with my friends and colleagues, Amy and Lynne, as we unpack the major mistakes and 6 lessons learned from "horrible" college drop-off experiences (both our own and the ones we had with our kids) and the fear that comes with any major transition in your life.

Whether you’ve got kids or not, these 6 lessons apply to you. Everyone is going through some kind of transition right now: back to school, back to work, and dropping out of college. It’s a time of saying goodbye, of saying hello to new chapters, and of helping people move into new dorms and apartments and transition to new jobs or a new grade.

That means it is the perfect time to learn the 6 lessons I learned (the hard way) about managing big life transitions without losing your sh*t.

Listen and Learn:

  • The RIGHT way to empower someone who is drowning in self-doubt.
  • The #1 thing to say to help anyone move forward with confidence.
  • The 4 words that will help you or your child commit to change.
  • A science-backed "bridging" tool to help any child feeling nervous.
  • The 2 most important qualities you have to let your child borrow from you.
  • Why feeling scared and anxious before a big change is mentally healthy.

Xo, Mel

In this episode:

  • 2:30: Hear one mom’s mistake after dropping her child off at college.
  • 4:30: And what this mom did differently for her second child.
  • 7:30 The drop-off experience that I wish I’d done differently.
  • 10:30: Say THIS to your kids to help them ride the wave of emotions.
  • 11:30: What you think you will feel is different from reality and that’s ok.
  • 14:30: The #1 tool you have to let your child borrow from you..
  • 18:10: Use this preschool trick from psychologists when you leave your kids.
  • 29:00: Remember this the next time you start to overthink.
  • 29:20: Recapping 4 major takeaways.
  • 31:00: A fighter pilot shares how to gain control of your emotions.
  • 33:00: I’ve used this trick often to help others adjust to change in their lives.
  • 35:00: Feeling sad or uncertain about change? Good; you’re normal.


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