A Toolkit for Families: Practical Wisdom That Makes You Closer to the People You Love



I’ve got a very special invitation for you today.

Grab a spot on the couch next to me and my family here in Southern Vermont.

Join our family as our three kids discuss all the parenting mistakes Chris and I made – and the things we did that built trust and brought us all closer.

I’m really excited and proud to share this with you, even though there are moments where my kids absolutely school me.

They also share wisdom and insights that are so profound, you’ll hear Chris break down and cry.

This really isn’t a conversation about parenting at all. It’s about how you create a close and meaningful connection with anyone.

So whether you’re wondering how to get closer to your family or your friends, everything we discuss applies to all relationships.

This episode goes deep – we cover drinking, drugs, addiction, and what to do when teenagers stop talking to you or someone you love is dating someone that you don’t like.

And, since so many of you have written in asking about my approach to parenting after hearing our kids on various episodes of this podcast, I’m also sharing our parenting philosophy.

My family is getting real and raw in this discussion, and we’re inviting you to be a part. So join us. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this episode, and one thing you might want to consider is listening to it with your family. I guarantee you, it will spark very interesting discussions.

Xo Mel

In this episode, you’ll learn:

0:32: Why I recorded today’s episode

3:25: Meet the Robbins family

6:02: You keep asking: How are my kids so open with me?

7:30: A frank discussion on drinking

12:33: Why people don’t listen to you

14:10: What Chris and I think the whole point of parenting really is

18:27: Let’s talk about addiction, including groundbreaking new research from Mt. Sinai

25:15: Our #1 piece of advice that will keep people honest with you

30:55: What we mean when we say people in your life are “lie detectors”

33:07: Why showing your feelings to loved ones is so powerful

36:58: How to build connection with anyone

40:52: When you keep repeating patterns you wish you could break

44:44: Why you need to let kids be themselves

50:52: Why you shouldn’t let people bounce from uncomfortable situations

52:39: “I don’t like who my kid is dating” – advice that applies for any relationship

1:01:52: Our #1 piece of advice for you

For full show notes, go to melrobbins.com/podcast

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