Boost Your Success in 2024: My Best Advice on Business, Time Management, and Reinvention



Want to know the hack that will make you more successful in 2024?

Today, Mel is offering you a masterclass in business at zero cost. By walking you through her learnings and lessons, you will receive the coaching you need to uplevel in business and in life.

Topics discussed include:

  • One thing you need to stop doing today to stay motivated.
  • The 3 most important aspects of business.
  • How to overcome “slow” times in your business.
  • Mel’s 4-part framework to help you decide whether to quit or keep going.
  • How to upgrade your business.
  • Why your marketing strategy isn’t working.
  • How to keep motivation and focus.
  • One important hack to help you stop procrastinating.
  • 3 questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking of starting a business.
  • The ONE question you should ask yourself when feeling lost or stuck.
  • How to identify when you do your most productive work.
  • Mel’s biggest career strategy that will help you launch yours.
  • How to reach more people with your business.
  • 3 words that BUILD confidence.
  • The 3 science-backed ways to build your confidence, starting today.
  • 2 myths and 2 mistakes to avoid when launching your business.
  • How to know when to go into your business full-time.
  • The #1 investment in your business that will surprise you.
  • Mel’s daily routine for success.
  • How to balance being a parent and an entrepreneur.
  • What to do with moments of hesitation.

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