Brand New Research: 8 Simple & Surprising Changes That Improve Your Life



In this episode, I am sharing 8 brand new studies and exciting new research about simple changes supported by science that can help you improve your day to day life, like…

How to cut your gym time IN HALF and still get the same benefits.

The surprising sound researchers say will boost your mood for EIGHT hours.

The research on how mindfulness reduces your anxiety by 30% - the same as Lexapro.

And so much more

I’m also joined by Tracey, who leads our research and has helped me produce five #1 Audible Originals and all the science behind it.

She’s found the studies; we are breaking them down together, and having a ball as we do.

This episode is going to make you smarter and is packed with the tactical, simple, and science-backed tools that I know you love learning on this podcast.

Pull up a seat and let’s go.

Oh! And one more thing. As always, all of the research - and there’s a lot of it - is linked in the show notes at And if you want to watch a longer, unabridged version of this episode, visit my YouTube channel.

Xo Mel

In this episode, you’ll learn:

0:13: Why the research studies and science you will learn today matter

4:35: Why you can trust the tools you learn on this podcast

5:56: Research study #1: A simple action that goes a long way

12:32: Research study #2: The way to build strength in just 3 seconds a day

19:25: Research study #3: The one sound that boosts your mood for hours

26:43: Research study #4: A powerful tool for anxiety

31:35: Research study #5: What a study with 20,000 high schoolers tells us about success

36:56: Research study #6: One thing you can do to create lifelong positive memories

44:43: Research study #7: How tiny guilty pleasures can strengthen your relationship with your partner

52:01: Research study #8: The habit with the largest impact on your quality of life

For full show notes, including a links to every single study and citation mentioned on today’s episode, go to

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