Controlling Sugar Cravings & Metabolism with Science-Based Tools


Huberman Lab

I explain how to blunt sugar cravings through fundamental knowledge of how sugar is sensed, metabolized, and utilized within the body. I explain how sugar is processed through the digestive tract and nervous system and how both the taste and nutritive components of sugar can lead to specific appetite changes and cravings. I discuss the connection between sugar, dopamine, and cravings and outline many tools to curb sugar cravings, specifically craving highly processed refined sugars.

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(00:00:00) Sugar & Physiology

(00:02:41) Sponsors: AG1, LMNT

(00:07:40) Sugar & the Brain

(00:10:06) Appetite & Hormones: Ghrelin & Insulin

(00:14:17) Glucose & Brain Function

(00:24:19) Glucose & Physical Activity

(00:26:16) Fructose vs. Glucose

(00:32:41) When to Eat High-Sugar Foods?

(00:35:01) Sugar’s Taste vs. Nutritive Pathways, Sugar Cravings

(00:41:46) Tool: Sugar & the Dopamine, Pleasure – Pain Dichotomy

(00:48:43) Subconscious Sugar Circuits, Hidden Sugars in Food

(00:58:03) Glucose Metabolism in the Brain

(01:03:00) Tool: Glycemic Index, Blunting Sugar Cravings

(01:12:08) Sugary Drinks, Highly Refined Sugars

(01:14:33) Artificial Sweeteners

(01:22:36) ADHD, Omega-3s

(01:30:18) Tools: Reduce Sugar Cravings with EPA Omega-3s & Glutamine

(01:35:15) Tool: Blunt Sugar Peaks & Craving with Lemon Juice

(01:43:09) Tool: Reduce Sugar Cravings & Spikes with Cinnamon

(01:45:10) Berberine, Sustained Low Blood Glucose Levels

(01:51:24) Tool: Sleep & Sugar Cravings

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