Dr. David Spiegel: Using Hypnosis to Enhance Mental & Physical Health & Performance


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My guest is Dr. David Spiegel MD, Associate Chair of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Director of the Center on Stress and Health and Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Spiegel has more than 40 years of clinical and research experience with hypnosis, stress physiology, and psychotherapy. In this episode, we examine the role of clinical hypnosis for the treatment of trauma, chronic pain, anxiety and more. Dr. Spiegel explains how to determine your level of ‘hypnotizability’ and provides case studies of incredible successes with hypnosis to treat a variety of ailments. We also discuss how breathing, vision and directed mental focus can modulate internal states and enhance performance. Additionally, we discuss how the adoption of self-hypnosis techniques can reduce stress and enhance sleep in anyone. Dr. Spiegel teaches us how hypnosis works at the neural circuit level to enhance cognitive flexibility. Throughout the episode, Dr. Spiegel summarizes key clinical trials and peer-reviewed findings and resources to work with a trained clinical professional or to do guided self-hypnosis.

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(00:00:00) Dr. David Spiegel MD, Hypnosis

(00:04:20) Sponsors: AG1, LMNT

(00:09:09) Clinical Hypnosis

(00:16:45) Stage Hypnosis

(00:20:25) Neurobiology of Hypnosis

(00:26:04) ADHD

(00:28:22) Hypnosis for Stress & Sleep

(00:32:12) Hypnosis to Strengthen Neural Connections

(00:37:19) Restructuring Trauma Narratives

(00:45:14) Ketamine Therapy

(00:50:07) Self-directed Hypnosis, Reveri

(00:56:53) Eliminating Obsessive Thoughts, Superstitions

(01:01:50) ‘Hypnotizability’, the Spiegel Eye-roll Test

(01:15:36) EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)

(01:21:43) Confronting Stress & Trauma

(01:27:56) The Mind-Body Connection

(01:31:35) Dealing with Grief

(01:35:45) Hypnosis in Children & Groups

(01:40:06) Drug Therapies & Hypnosis

(01:42:39) Breathing Patterns, Peak Performance

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