Giving Up Is Not an Option: The Motivation You Need to Hear Right Now



This is a message for every new graduate.

Whether you’re graduating from college or graduating from a chapter in your life, you need this message today. Your dreams matter, and what happens next is in your hands.

You have a flame inside you that represents the way you were meant to show up in this world.

Today I’m teaching you how to throw gasoline on that flame.

No matter what you're going through in life, your dreams are alive and well, and they are waiting for you to wake up and turn toward them.

If you’re not ready for some Mel Robbins inspirational firepower, bookmark this for another day. Because I’m not f’ing around today.

Whether you’re ready to make your mark on the world...

Or you’re tired of your excuses...

Or if you're like Barbara, who you'll meet in this episode, and you've given up on your dreams because they haven’t materialized yet…

This may be the most important 50 minutes of your life.

I’m going to show you

-the three ways you shut down your dreams

-why jealousy is actually a good thing

-the one question to ask in the morning that will impact the entire rest of your day

And if you don’t even remember what it’s like to dream, I’ve got you.

This episode includes a free download of an incredibly powerful, science-backed tool that will help you start dreaming again.

Xo Mel

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 3:30: These are the moments that define your life.
  • 9:15: Here’s what happens before every time I reinvent myself and my life.
  • 10:50: My first dream job never left me and eventually led to this podcast.
  • 14:30: Watch for this evidence of your dreams still being alive in your heart.
  • 18:15: The first way you extinguish your dreams.
  • 18:30: The second way you pour a cold bucket of water on your dreams.
  • 18:50: The third way you shut down your dreams.
  • 21:45: The science-backed habit that’s going to help you start dreaming again.
  • 22:40: Here’s a whole bunch of dream examples, if you need ideas!
  • 24:45: What is the Zeigarnik Effect and what does it have to do with your dreams?
  • 26:15: I have a free download for you!
  • 29:30: Here’s where I gave Barbie some serious tough love because I believe in her.
  • 34:30: The one powerful question you’re going to ask yourself every morning.
  • 35:40 On this date, I finally gave myself permission to make my dream happen.
  • 37:50: When times get challenging, you should be doing this.
  • 40:15: Try this exercise to shine a light on the way you limit what’s possible for you.
  • 47:00: All that hard stuff in your life is for a reason.
  • 49:15: Think you’re too old for your dreams? Then you need to hear this.
  • 51:45: Curious about what happened to Barbara? Listen in.


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