GUEST SERIES | Dr. Andy Galpin: Optimize Your Training Program for Fitness & Longevity


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In episode 4 of a 6-part series, Andy Galpin, PhD, explains how to design an effective training program for fitness, health and longevity through a 10-step approach. He covers goal setting, exercise selection, balancing, recovery periods and real-world challenges. He provides a year-long training example that considers sleep, sunlight and social connection. The program is modifiable for personal fitness goals and experience.

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(00:00:00) Optimal Fitness Programming

(00:07:19) Sponsors: Eight Sleep

(00:09:53) #1: Plan Fitness Goals, S.M.A.R.T. Goals

(00:19:52) Intermediate Goals, Dopamine, Identify Your “Defender”, Goal Timing

(00:26:25) Multiple Goals, Synergistic Goals, Interference Effects

(00:36:13) Sponsor: AG1

(00:37:060 Physical Goal “Bins”, Specificity

(00:48:02) Tool: #2: Identify Your “Defender”, Quadrant System, “Drop Everything and…”

(01:04:330 Sponsor: InsideTracker

(01:05:35) #3: Goal Timeframe & Life Events; #4: Weekly Training Frequency

(01:10:33) #5: Exercise Selection, Progression

(01:18:200 #6: Exercise Order, Identify Friction

(01:29:20) Exercise Timing & Sleep, Down Regulation, Caffeine

(01:36:24) #7: Intensity, #8: Volume, Progressive Overload, “Deloading”

(01:43:59) #9: Rest Intervals, #10: “Chaos Management”

(01:49:06) Fitness, Health & Longevity Goals, Proprioception & Non-Structured Exercise

(01:53:41) Tool: Year-Long Program Example for Overall Fitness

(02:07:58) Tool: Overall Fitness Template by Quarter, Matching Goals & Seasons

(02:25:49) Training & Life Challenges: Sleep, Illness

(02:32:10) Tool: Program Flexibility, 3-Day Weekly Training Program

(02:37:12) Physical Activity vs. Exercise

(02:40:12) Tool:4-Day Weekly Training Program, Muscular Endurance

(02:51:15) Tool: 5/6-Day Weekly Training Program, Recovery

(02:54:06) Program Modification, Balancing Joy

(03:04:47) Zero-Cost Support, YouTube Feedback, Spotify & Apple Reviews, Sponsors, Neural Network Newsletter

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