How to Have More Fun: A Guide to Enjoying the Holidays



I want you to get serious about inserting fun back into the holidays this year.

It might seem odd to have an entire conversation about fun. But here’s why we have to: most of us aren’t having any.

In fact, it’s gotten so bad that researchers have a term for it: “a fun drought.” You’re not alone – 97% of people want to have more fun.

And wouldn’t it be fabulous if you had an absolute blast with your family this holiday season?

It is possible. And you’re just the person to make it happen.

On the topic of family, I find it interesting that most of the advice out there is focused on toxic family dynamics and boundaries. If your family is that toxic, the only thing you need to do is make other plans. You’re not required to spend time with them.

But… if you are planning to spend time with family during the holidays, make this the year you bring the fun.

Fun breaks up old dynamics, fun draws people out of their shells, and fun gives you something to talk about other than the weather and how the school year is going.

And laughter is not only great medicine, but it also makes you happier and strengthens your relationships with those you’re having fun with!

Today you and I are getting serious about fun.

In this episode, you’re going to learn the 3 things that get in the way of you having fun – the biggest one being that you don’t plan for it.

So, we are going to discuss how to plan for and have more fun, and I’ll give you all kinds of ideas to consider.

This is the perfect episode to listen to with your family if you’re traveling. It’s appropriate for all ages.

So shake off the dread and pull out the party hats. I’m on a mission to inspire you to have more fun.

Xo Mel

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