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This episode explains the science of motivation and drive. I describe how dopamine-- a chemical we all make in our brain, underlies our desire for and pursuit of our goals, as well as our capacity to move and experience pleasure. I describe how we can leverage specific behaviors, reward schedules and dopamine-prolactin balance to help ensure we can maintain motivation and capacity for pleasure over the long term. I also discuss dopamine in the context of ADHD, craving and addiction, and some absolutely amazing results about specificity of drug effects based purely on belief.

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(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:00:30) Sponsors: AG1, LMNT, Waking Up

(00:04:22) Announcement: Spanish Subtitles

(00:05:06) Emotions, Addiction & Mindset

(00:06:22) Motivation & Movement: The Dopamine Connection

(00:07:29) A Double-Edged Dopamine Blade

(00:08:56) Dopamine Fundamentals: Precursor to Adrenalin

(00:10:15) The Reward Pathway: An Accelerator & A Brake

(00:12:10) Motivation= Pleasure Plus Pain

(00:14:14) The Dopamine Staircase: Food, Sex, Nicotine, Cocaine, Amphetamine

(00:16:15) Subjective Control of Dopamine Release

(00:17:40) Social Media and Video Games

(00:18:15) Addiction & Dopamine: Progressively Diminishing Returns

(00:18:48) Novelty, Sensation-Seeking & Anticipation

(00:20:15) Craving: Part Pain, Part Pleasure & Pain Always Prevails

(00:23:11) Desire Scales With Pain: The Yearning Function

(00:24:43) The Croissant Craving Circuit

(00:25:45) “Here and Now” Molecules: Serotonin, Bliss & Raphe Nucleus

(00:26:26) In Your Skin Or Out In the World

(00:27:25) Cannabinoids Lethargy & Forgetfulness

(00:28:15) The Almond Meditation

(00:29:30) Drugs That Shift Exteroception Versus Interoception

(00:30:36) Emotional Balance, Active & Passive Manipulation

(00:32:36) Procrastination: Leveraging Stress, Breathing, Caffeine, L-Tyrosine, Prescription Drugs

(00:37:04) When Enough Is Never Enough; How Dopamine Undermines Itself

(00:38:58) Dopamine-Prolactin Dynamics: Sex, Reproduction & Refractory Periods

(00:40:30) The Coolidge Effect: Novelty-Induced Suppression of Prolactin

(00:42:22) Vitamin B6, Zinc As Mild Prolactin Inhibitors

(00:43:25) Schizophrenia, Dopamine Hyperactivity and Side Effects of Anti-Dopaminergic Drugs

(00:45:08) Prolactin, Post-Satisfaction “Lows” & Extending the Arc of Dopamine

(00:48:00) The Chemistry of “I Won, But Now What?”

(00:49:00) Healthy Emotional Development: Child and Parent

(00:50:03) Never Say “Maybe” (Reward Prediction Error)

(00:52:02) Surprise!

(00:52:59) Are You Suppressing Your Drive and Motivation By Working Too Late?

(00:54:50) Disambiguating Pleasure and Drive: Dopamine Makes Us Anti-Lazy

(00:58:00) Beta-Phenylethylamine (PEA), & Acetyl L-Carnitine

(01:00:00) Attention Deficit Disorders, Cal Newport Books, Impulsivity & Obesity

(01:03:55) Leveraging Dopamine Schedules

(01:05:22) Subjective Control of Dopamine and Drug Effects: The “Adderall” Experiment

(01:09:03) Caffeine May Protect Dopamine Neurons, Methamphetamine Kills Them

(01:10:57) Nicotine: Dopamine, Possible Neuroprotection, Prolactin Increase

(01:11:53) Gambling, Intermittent Reinforcement, & Persistent Goal Seeking (Bad and Good)

(01:14:14) Intermittent Halting of Celebration; Enjoy Your Wins, But Not All of Them

(01:18:38) A Story Example of Intermittent Reward to Maintain Long-Term Drive and Motivation

(01:21:25) Corrections & Notes About Spanish Captions & Other Languages Soon

(01:24:00) Synthesis & Framework, Zero-Cost Support & A Note About Sponsors

Title Card Photo Credit: Mike Blabac


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