How to Use Music to Boost Motivation, Mood & Improve Learning


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In this episode, I describe how your brain and body are fundamentally wired to perceive and respond to music and how those responses can be leveraged to improve your mood, allow for processing sad emotions and enhance learning and performance. I explain the data showing how music can increase motivation for cognitive or physical work, what specific music has been shown to enhance cognitive performance, and whether silence or music is more effective in enhancing focus while studying. I also discuss how specific musical pieces can rapidly reduce anxiety, as well as certain prescription medications. I explain how listening to certain types of music can improve various health metrics (e.g., heart rate). Finally, I discuss how music helps to enhance neuroplasticity (rewiring of brain connections), thereby improving learning and memory. Whether you sing, play an instrument or enjoy listening to music, this episode provides numerous science-informed tools for using music to enhance productivity, mood, emotional states, and overall enjoyment of life.

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The Brain Body Contract


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(00:00:00) Music & Your Brain

(00:03:32) The Brain Body Contract

(00:04:12) Sponsors: Eight Sleep & ROKA

(00:07:09) Music & Emotions; Brain & Body Interpretation

(00:13:03) Music & Intent; Babies, Music & Movement

(00:19:19) Tool: Health Metrics & Music, Breathing & Heart Rate

(00:29:54) Sponsor: AG1

(00:30:50) Music, Brain & Predictions

(00:38:07) Music & Brain: Novelty, Arousal, Memories

(00:44:22) Tool: Movement; Motivation & Faster Music

(00:50:49) Tool: Cognitive Work & Binaural Beats

(00:54:11) Silence or Music for Studying?, White Noise, Binaural Beats

(00:58:47) Tool: Retain Information & Internal Dialogue

(01:00:53) Tool: Focus, Work Breaks & Music

(01:04:11) Physical Exercise, Performance & Music

(01:07:37) Sponsor: InsideTracker

(01:08:43) Music & Shifting Mood

(01:14:41) “Happy” vs. “Sad” Music, “One-Hit Wonders” & Artificial Intelligence

(01:19:30) “Bass Face”; Music, Movement & Facial Expressions

(01:22:46) Tools: Shift to Happy Mood with Music; Sad Mood Catharsis

(01:27:30) Tool: Music & Reducing Anxiety, “Weightless”

(01:31:16) Playing Instruments, Singing & Brain Connectivity

(01:39:58) Music & the Brain

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