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In this episode, I provide science-based tools and protocols to improve mood and mental health. These tools represent key takeaways from several recently published research studies, as well as from former Huberman Lab guests Lisa Feldman Barrett, Ph.D., an expert in the science of emotions, and Paul Conti, M.D., a psychiatrist with vast clinical expertise in helping people overcome mental health challenges. I explain the first principles of self-care, which include the “Big 6” core pillars for mood and mental health. Those ensure our physiology is primed for our overall feelings of well-being. Then, I explain science-based tools to directly increase confidence, build a stronger concept of self, better understand our unconscious mind, manage stress and improve our emotional tone and processing. I also explain ways to better process negative emotions and traumas. This episode ought to be of interest to anyone wishing to improve their relationship with themselves and others, elevate their mood and mental health, and better contribute to the world in meaningful ways.

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(00:00:00) Mood & Mental Health Toolkit

(00:03:10) Sponsors: Plunge, Eight Sleep & Waking Up

(00:05:35) First Principles of Self-Care & 6 Pillars of Mental Health

(00:13:58) Pillar #1: Sleep & Sleep Routine

(00:18:00) Pillar #2: Light, Sunlight

(00:24:38) Tool: Nighttime Environment & Darkness

(00:28:33) Pillar #3: Movement; Pillar #4: Nutrition

(00:33:18) Sponsor: AG1

(00:34:51) Pillar #5: Social Connection

(00:40:00) Pillar #6: Stress Control; Physiological Sigh

(00:45:40) Tool: Raise Stress Threshold, Deliberate Cold Exposure

(00:50:00) 6 Pillars & Brain Predictability, Affect & Emotion

(00:57:58) Pharmacology, Psychedelics, Supplements & Neuroplasticity

(01:06:25) Sponsor: InsideTracker

(01:07:26) Tool: Emotional Granularity

(01:14:39) Tool: Heart Rate Variability & Emotional Graduality; Physiological Sigh

(01:23:49) Tool: Unconscious Mind

(01:26:54) Tool: Self-Concept, Self-Narrative Exercise

(01:34:34) Tool: Unconscious Mind & Dream Analysis; Liminal States

(01:42:52) Tool: Journaling; Generative Drive

(01:52:43) Tool: Processing Trauma

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