NFL Draft With Daniel Jeremiah, Super League With Troopz And Jake Paul's Fyre Fest Fight

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The Super League has the soccer world going crazy and we're here to do a little bit of trolling (3:55 - 16:17). Jake Paul vs Ben Askren was a debacle but also weirdly entertaining (16:17 - 25:50). Respecting Steph Curry more (25:50 - 31:05). Who's back of the week including Chrissy Teigen on twitter (31:05 - 47:25). Daniel Jeremiah joins the show to break down the upcoming NFL Draft, guys rising and falling, quarterbacks ranked and more (47:25 - 86:48). Troopz joins the show to break down why the Super League is such a terrible thing for soccer and how much this has fucked fans up (86:48 - 115:36). We finish with an attempt to call Marlins Man.

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