Optimize Your Brain: 3 Important Habits for Productivity, Memory, and Longevity (Based on 200,000 Brain Scans)



In this episode, world-renowned brain specialist Dr. Daniel Amen reveals the secrets to a happier life, and it all starts with... (surprise!) your brain.

Dr. Daniel Amen is a medical doctor with 40 years of experience as a psychiatrist, 12 New York Times bestselling books, and he’s conducted over 200,000 brain scans, all of which back up the simple, proven tactics he’s about to share with you.

Dr. Amen shares the 3 most important habits you can start today to make your brain work better for you, based on decades of research.

Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, addiction, or stress, the information in this episode will forever change the way you think about your brain.

No boring and complicated science here.

Learn simple, practical changes to improve your brain, like:

  • What to say first thing in the morning to keep your brain strong
  • The 5 most important foods to eat for optimal brain health
  • The 2 most important vitamins to take every day
  • How to tell when your vital hormones are off
  • Why strength training is better than cardio for your health
  • 3 most important words to keep your brain sharp
  • The breathing technique Dr. Amen recommends for an anxious mind

This is your zero-cost guide to better brain health!

This is an encore episode with new and exciting insights from me at the top of the episode. You keep asking about how to improve your mental health, and it starts with improving your brain health.

In under an hour, you’ll learn everything you need to be sharper, smarter, and more successful—by maximizing the power of your brain!

Xo, Mel

In this episode, you’ll learn:

0:52: Today, you have an appointment with one of the world’s leading experts on brain health.

05:28: The craziest brain scan Dr. Amen has ever seen

07:17: Brain health 101: What you need to know about your brain today

09:34: The simplest habit you can incorporate today to protect your brain

10:53: The first thing you need to say every morning to keep your brain strong

13:01: The 2 most important vitamins to take daily

16:38: What do having a glass of wine and falling in love have in common?

20:52: 3 easy ways to know if you have low dopamine levels

29:02: The breathing technique Dr. Amen recommends for an anxious mind

33:02: 2 proven ways to calm a very busy brain

37:40: Whenever you get a negative thought, ask yourself this one question

39:04: If you feel tired all the time, it’s time to look inward.

42:47: How to improve your memory: it starts in your kitchen

46:10: The greatest piece of advice on brain health you need to leave with


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