Reset Your Gut in 5 Days: A Medical Doctor’s Step-by-Step Protocol to Transform Your Health



Do you want to reset your health?

Are you ready for more energy and better overall health?

Do you want to start seeing results in 5 days (or less)?

In today’s episode, Mel is joined by double-board certified Dr. Amy Shah for Part 2 of her masterclass on how to optimize your gut health.

Dr. Amy, a medical doctor trained at Harvard, Cornell, and Columbia University, is an immunologist and leading expert in women’s hormonal health and nutrition.

She’s giving you her proven 5-step method to heal inflammation, reset your natural hormone balance, and heal food sensitivities.

Learn how to use the power of your gut microbes to help digestion, gain mental clarity, and decrease your stress levels.

In this episode, Dr. Amy discusses topics like:

What a gut microbiome is.

Why science says your gut microbiome is the key to better mental and physical health.

The scientific link between gut health and depression, cancer, and heart diseases.

What the brain-gut connection is and why it’s essential to your health.

What to do after your overindulgence in holiday food and drinks.

The reason you can’t properly digest food.

What makes your gut bacteria “upset” and what keeps them "happy"?

How healthy aging is directly connected to your gut biome.

Why stress can make you bloated.

The reason 1 in 7 people experience bloating once a week.

How gut health impacts a woman's hormone health.

The difference between fiber and insoluble fiber.

Which natural fiber do you need in your diet for improved digestion?

The only type of bread that heals your gut.

What intermittent fasting is and why it improves gut health.

The one thing you should know about your circadian rhythm.

Dr. Shah's 5-day reset protocol and why you need it to reset your gut health.

3 things you should do every day for optimal gut health.

What the best probiotic for your body is.

The foods your gut bacteria love to digest.

Why bonding with someone is a love language for your gut health.

What an elimination diet is and why you need to do it.

3 foods you should consider removing from your diet for 7 days.

How many days it really takes to reset your gut.

Why crazy diets are not working to “reset” your gut.

Why your daily probiotic pill isn’t really working.

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