Signs You’re Dealing With a Narcissist (New Research From World-Leading Expert Dr. Ramani)



Today’s episode is a masterclass in narcissism.

If you want to know how to protect yourself from a narcissist, you first have to know how to identify one.

You’ll learn the top 10 personality traits to look for, how to handle a narcissist in your life (that you can’t avoid), the difference between ‘love bombing’ and infatuation, and a whole lot more.

Joining Mel today is Dr. Ramani Durvasula, a clinical psychologist and one of the world’s leading experts on narcissism.

Her mastery of all things narcissism has made her the #1 most requested guest on The Mel Robbins Podcast.

Dr. Ramani has been researching this topic for over 20 years and is here to give you the wisdom, practical advice, and well-researched tools and tricks to navigate what is one of the most unpredictable experiences: being in a relationship with a narcissist.

According to Dr. Ramani, 1 in 5 people has narcissist traits, which means you know (and may love) someone who is a narcissist. After you listen, you’ll know what to do.

For more resources, including links to Dr. Ramani’s book, website, and social media platforms, click here for the podcast episode page.

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