Super Brain: 10 Things to Eat, Think, & Do to Improve Your Memory and Learn Faster



Want to boost your reading speed by 30%–50%?

Want to learn faster?

What if you never forgot where you put your keys again?

Mel sits down with world-renowned brain coach Jim Kwik to help you boost your brainpower with his science-backed tools, tips, and strategies.

In this episode, they discuss:

  • How your brain is more powerful than you think
  • The best ways to retain information
  • How to read 50% faster with ONE simple tool
  • 3 tricks to always remember where you put your keys
  • How to remember someone’s name
  • Jim’s proven 3M framework
  • 10 simple steps for a better brain
  • The best foods for increased brain power
  • How to be MORE productive but work LESS
  • How exercise impacts brain function
  • How to crush any job interview
  • How to memorize a speech in one day
  • Why you need to always be a student

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