The Best Advice I Ever Heard: From Motivation to Paper Plates, 10 Genius Hacks for Keeping Yourself and Your Home Organized



In today’s episode, I welcome back KC Davis, therapist, and bestselling author.

The episode before this featured her relatable, hilarious, and breakthrough ideas about everything from laundry to loading a dishwasher and giving yourself the freaking break that you deserve.

That episode was so insanely popular, we moved this up in the queue.

The verdict is in.

You love KC Davis. So today she's answering your deeply personal and surprising questions.

In just 50 minutes, KC’s genius hacks and smart approach to everyday tasks will not only help you manage your to-do list, but give you back the time to rest without feeling guilty.

She also reveals the single most helpful item you can bring to someone when they are going through a very difficult time.

You ask the questions and she's giving you the step-by-step plan. She covers so much it’s hard to summarize, but here is my best attempt:

  • The shocking truth about “getting everything done”
  • Why you need to stop saying you’re fine - you’re BETTER than fine
  • How to divide chores at home (yes, there is a right way!)
  • Her “Fair Rest” rule for couples
  • 7 genius tips to build momentum (stop waiting for motivation)
  • The ONE thing to do for a family or friend who is struggling with grief or depression (don’t cook them a meal)
  • Her unique take on self-compassion that will leave you in action
  • How to maximize your free time so you can finally start that project (you know, that one you keep thinking about) or collapse on the couch and do nothing

Steal her scripts and her hacks.

You asked for more time with KC Davis, and we delivered.

Thanks for sharing this with all your friends and family that need it.

Xo, Mel

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 2:00: What does the research say about motivation?
  • 4:00: Let’s unpack what happens when you have ZERO motivation.
  • 8:20: Shame causes paralysis, so cultivate this emotion instead.
  • 10:30: Here’s how to look at your home when you have chronic illness.
  • 13:20: Let’s role play what to do when you feel overwhelmed.
  • 14:50: Here’s what KC wants every parent of an autistic child to hear.
  • 19:00: Hate how you look and feel? This best-friend advice is for you.
  • 21:00: Can we please take a look at your closet and do this?
  • 25:50: Wait, self-esteem is overrated? Here’s what to focus on instead.
  • 27:45: Our hustle culture makes us feel guilty about doing this one essential thing.
  • 31:15:The one question to ask yourself that will give you the break you deserve.
  • 35:00: Feeling guilty about using paper plates? You need to hear this.
  • 37:00: Reframing how you divide labor in your home will change everything.
  • 44:20: What’s your response when your partner doesn’t meet your expectations?
  • 47:15: The greatest gift I ever received during my postpartum depression.
  • 48:40: How can you help someone really struggling?

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