The Science & Health Benefits of Deliberate Heat Exposure


Huberman Lab

I describe the mechanisms by which deliberate heat exposure impacts body temperature, metabolism, heart health, hormone production, exercise recovery, cognition, mood, and longevity. I detail specific protocols for deliberate heat exposure, including exposure times, temperature ranges to consider, time of day, and delivery mechanisms (sauna vs. hot bath vs. open air heat, etc.) in order to achieve different specific outcomes, including dramatic growth hormone releases, or reduction in cortisol levels. I also discuss the ability of locally applied heat to heal or otherwise improve various bodily tissues and new data on how local application of heat may induce the conversion of metabolically sluggish white fat to metabolically robust beige fat.

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(00:00:00) Heat & Health

(00:03:37) Momentous Supplements

(00:05:09) Sponsors: AG1, LMNT

(00:09:31) Body Shell Temperature vs. Body Core Temperature

(00:13:28) Thermal Regulation, Hyperthermia

(00:17:36) Heat Removal Circuits, Pre-Optic Hypothalamus (POA)

(00:26:30) Protocols & Benefits of Deliberate Heat Exposure

(00:33:37) Tools & Conditions for Deliberate Heat Exposure

(00:38:47) Deliberate Heat Exposure, Cortisol & Cardiovascular Health

(00:44:50) Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs), Molecular Mechanisms of Heat Regulation

(00:47:56) Longevity & Heat Exposure, FOXO3

(00:52:30) Deliberate Cold & Heat Exposure & Metabolism

(00:54:48) Deliberate Heat Exposure & Growth Hormone

(01:04:32) Parameters for Heat & Cold Exposure

(01:08:26) Circadian Rhythm & Body Temperature, Cold & Heat Exposure

(01:12:00) Heat Exposure & Growth Hormone

(01:16:20) Tool: Hydration & Sauna

(01:17:10) Heat, Endorphins & Dynorphins, Mood

(01:28:44) Tool: Glabrous Skin To Heat or Cool

(01:35:33) Local Hyperthermia, Converting White Fat to Beige Fat, Metabolism

(01:47:00) Hormesis/Mitohormesis & Heat/Cold Exposure

(01:49:11) Benefits of Heat Exposure

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