The Secret to Stopping Fear & Anxiety (That Actually Works)



I used simple research from Harvard Business School and UCLA to tame my fear of public speaking and become one of the most successful keynote speakers in the world.

I used this same tool to overcome my fear of flying.

If nerves or fear are holding you back from applying for that promotion, asking someone on a date, speaking up at a meeting, or traveling to another part of the world, this brain hack will change your life.

Your fears make your life small. Your nerves limit your potential. Your anxiety robs you of happiness and confidence.

Today on the podcast, you’ll hear me coach someone through one of her biggest fears.

You’ll hear the hilarious ways I used to cope with my fears and you’ll also learn why telling someone to calm down never works.

You’ll leave this episode with a 4-step tool that you can apply to your life the moment you learn it.

Stop letting your fear make your life small.

Board that plane, step onto that stage, apply for that promotion, and never let your nerves stop you from living your life the way that you want to again.

And please, share this episode not only with people you love, but particularly with all the young adults in your life, because research shows that this tool not only helps you tame your anxiety – it also helps you perform better on tests, be a better athlete, and compete at a higher level in academic competitions.

Xo Mel

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