The Surprising Link Between People Pleasing & Your Health: A Medical Doctor’s Recommendation on How to Say “No”



Does this doctor have the health secret you’ve been looking for? Does people-pleasing really make you sick?

Dr. Neha Sangwan is an internal medicine physician, bestselling author, and accomplished researcher.

Today, Mel sits down with Dr. Sangwan to learn the truth about people-pleasing.

Topics discussed include:

People-pleasing: What it is.

Are you a “yes” person?

The difference between “going with the flow” and people pleasing.

Why avoiding conflict makes you a people-pleaser.

What your “childhood blueprint” is and how it shapes adulthood.

People pleasing and the link to illness.

What your parents did or said to turn you into a people-pleaser.

Why people-pleasing is a coping mechanism.

Why you can’t deal with other people’s discomfort.

How to trace your people pleasing back to a single moment in time.

Why being stressed, irritated, and tired is a sign that you are a people-pleaser.

Why being a control freak may be a sign of people pleasing.

How to unlearn people pleasing.

How every conflict in your life traces back to childhood trauma.

What happens, from a medical perspective, when you have an unresolved conflict?

The secret reason you’re an overachiever.

How to stop your people-pleasing behavior at work and set better boundaries.

What it really means when you resent the people you love.

Why people-pleasing is a “protection tool” you learn to use in childhood.

The link between chronic worry and people pleasing.

The simple 3-part framework Dr. Sangwan uses to say "no" when you mean "no".

How 80% of all illnesses are caused by stress.

The 5 questions you should ask yourself to understand what your body is really trying to signal to you.

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