The Toolkit for Healing Anxiety, Part 1



Today’s episode is my gift to you and anyone in your life who struggles with anxiety.

I created this exclusive series, "The Toolkit for Healing Anxiety," because of the number of questions I am receiving from listeners asking for more resources on this topic.

Part 1 is packed with tactical takeaways and features Dr. Russell Kennedy, one of the world's most respected medical experts on anxiety.

Dr. Kennedy is a medical doctor and neuroscientist who has a revolutionary and effective approach to helping his patients understand and heal anxiety.

(He's also been our most popular expert on the podcast to date.)

Dr. Kennedy teaches you the truth about where anxiety comes from and the mistake that most therapists make when treating it.

You’ll also have a front-row seat as he coaches listeners on the critical difference between "coping with anxiety" and his protocol for "healing it" once and for all.

I can’t wait for you to listen and apply the advice in this life-changing series.

And for anyone in your life who may be struggling, please share this exclusive series generously; it could provide the answers and guidance they need.

If you have follow-up questions, send them to me in the DMs or through the podcast topic link on We read them and use them to program future episodes (this toolkit is an example of that).

This episode is not meant as a replacement for therapy, but if you’ve been seeing a therapist for a while and aren’t seeing yourself improve, you may want to forward this series to them for guidance too.

Xo Mel

Didn’t get to listen to Dr. Kennedy’s first interview? Check that out here.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

· 5:00: I bet you haven’t heard this definition of anxiety before. .

· 6:15: So where exactly does anxiety come from?

· 7:30: This is a revolutionary way of thinking about how to heal anxiety.

· 8:45: If you’re waking up this way, that’s a red flag.

· 9:45: A trauma response isn’t directed outward- it’s here instead.

· 12:00: Have you tried everything to deal with your anxiety?

· 14:45: Forget what you’ve tried so far, THIS is what will actually heal you.

· 19:00: This sign of anxiety may surprise you.

· 22:00: Anxiety happens because of this and addictions “fix” it

· 24:00: I think there are these three layers to healing your anxiety.

· 27:15: What the hell does “inner child” mean and why does it matter?

· 30:00: There’s a difference between drama and trauma.

· 34:00: Dr. Kennedy tried everything, but only this healed his anxiety.

· 37:00: Okay, what’s one specific and tangible tool we can use?

· 40:30: Do this together with me now.

· 44:00: Here’s why play is so important for healing trauma.

· 47:00: Healing will take time. Here’s why and what you need.


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