The Truth About ADHD in Adults: Harvard’s Dr. Chris Palmer Explains the Research



Have a hard time staying focused?

Do you start projects and never finish them? Are you frustrated with your hyperactive brain?

Your brain simply needs help, and today you’re going to learn exactly what to do about it, thanks to the expert advice of today’s guest Dr. Chris Palmer.

Dr. Palmer is a psychiatrist who has practiced at Harvard’s McLean Hospital, the #1 psychiatric hospital in the nation, for almost 30 years. He is also the Founder and Director of the recently launched Metabolic & Mental Health Program at McLean Hospital.

In this episode, you’ll also learn:

  • What ADHD really is.
  • The simple (and sneaky) signs of ADHD.
  • What your doctor will be looking for to diagnose your ADHD.
  • What ADHD meds actually do in the brain.
  • How a person on the autism spectrum could improve their symptoms.
  • What to look at before jumping to medication.
  • How an elimination diet works and why you should try it.
  • The specific types of exercise your brain needs to get you out of a funk.
  • What you need to stop doing to make your brain healthier.

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For more resources, including links to Dr. Palmer's work, studies, and tips to implement everything you learn, click here for the podcast resources page.

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