The Ultimate Toolkit for Creating New Habits: The Science Made Easy



In this episode, you’re going to learn exactly what you need to form new habits.

Even if you think you already know everything there is to know about habits, you probably still struggle to apply this knowledge and make change stick.

And if this topic is brand new to you, don’t worry; I have a way of explaining it that’s fun, and so simple even a 5-month-old puppy can understand it.

Just because it’s science doesn’t mean it has to be complicated and boring.

When we make change fun and easy to understand, you’re more likely to be successful in applying all of this research.

That’s why this episode also comes with a free companion workbook, so that you not only listen and learn, but also go deeper and apply what you’re learning to your own life.

You can download that for free at

I’ll teach you the three critical parts of forming new habits, and together we’ll unpack the brain research that explains why these parts are essential to your habit-making routine.

When you’re done listening, you’re going to see that you’re making the same mistake most people make: you’re only focused on one part of forming a habit, and you’re missing the other two.

I’m really excited for you to listen, learn, and apply all this knowledge.

New habits begin as something you practice, and after applying this over time, they become who you are.

Xo Mel

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 8:00: Why willpower doesn’t work
  • 11:15: Why we struggle with new habits
  • 12:30: What actually is a habit?
  • 15:15: The free gift I have for you
  • 15:50: Why are habits important?
  • 19:50: What the research says about successful people
  • 25:10: What’s getting in the way of your new habits
  • 25:50: Three critical parts to all new habits must have
  • 27:40: Two ways Chris and I set ourselves up to succeed with our habits
  • 32:45: Six types of behavior triggers
  • 38:50 What to do if you want to stop that nightly glass of wine


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