These 4 Words Will Silence Your Self-Doubt: A Life-Changing Conversation



In this episode, you and I are dismantling one of the most crippling forms of self-doubt.

"Imposter Syndrome" is when you think you’re not good enough and that everyone else is smarter, more successful, and has more to contribute than you do. Everyone feels it. It’s so common that the Harvard Business Review found that even 70% of the world’s top executives have struggled with it.

My mission today is to convince you that Imposter Syndrome is actually a GOOD thing. And I’ll use an example from my own life to prove my case.

Come backstage with me to a huge music festival, where my daughter Kendall, an aspiring singer-songwriter, comes face-to-face with the famous musicians who inspired her career.

Cue the panic.

Self-doubt almost made her bail on what turned out to be a life-changing weekend in her career.

She turned it around (you’ll hear how) and, as a result, was invited impromptu to perform twice with Grammy-winning musicians!

Listen and learn how to be more courageous and confident in those moments that really matter. I can’t wait for you to hear:

  • The 4 words Kendall repeated that crushed self-doubt and got her on stage.
  • The powerful mantra to say when you’re nervous walking into a room.
  • How to use humor (and tuna sandwiches) to connect with anyone.
  • Why being a "nobody" is the most amazing "somebody" you could be.

It’s time to hit delete on your self-doubt forever.

This one is so good and so relatable that you’ll be yelling, Encore!

Xo, Mel

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 2:15: Harvard Business Review says imposter syndrome is #1 fear of executives.
  • 3:40: Kendall puts us at the scene of her own paralyzing episode of self-doubt.
  • 5:30: Imagine being surrounded by everyone you’ve admired your entire life.
  • 11:30: This is the message you need to hear if you’re deep in self-doubt.
  • 12:45: My own story of feeling like an imposter before I became a speaker.
  • 19:30: Here’s how to start shifting your mindset and boost your confidence.
  • 20:20: The piece of advice that will help you stand taller.
  • 21:40: The three-letter word you need to repeat when your insecurity creeps in
  • 22:30: Once you change your mindset, your actions fall into place.
  • 24:00: You have a gift to offer even the most experienced people in your field.
  • 25:00: The seven words Kendall dropped that I’m still thinking about.
  • 27:15: The #1 takeaway from this conversation about self-doubt.
  • 28:45: Own where you are, and here’s what we mean by that.
  • 31:00: What you’re thinking will happen probably won’t.
  • 33:00: Learn how to balance giving and receiving, and you'll crack the code.
  • 35:15: Are you waiting for validation? Listen to this.
  • 38:00: There’s a reason you’re here. Here’s how to start believing that
  • 41:00: Here’s why imposter syndrome is a GOOD thing.


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