Trust Your Gut: The Science and Spirit of Intuitive Decision-Making



In today’s episode, prepare to open your mind to larger possibilities and amazing capabilities that you already have.

I am sitting down with intuitive psychic medium Kim Russo, who is here to share her gift and tell you how you can get in touch with your intuitive gift, too.

I first learned about Kim from Oprah Winfrey and immediately knew I needed to get her on the talk show I hosted. What happened next changed my entire life.

When Kim was just a child, she realized she could see people who’d passed away, and nobody else was seeing them. After years of denying it, she decided to lean into her incredible skill. A skill she says you have too.

If you’ve ever sensed somebody’s with you, you’re right. Kim says we travel with two or three loved ones at all times. Have you ever had that little voice in your head or gut feeling about something? Kim says that your loved ones are trying to guide you.

This episode is remarkable because you are not only going to learn how Kim tapped into her abilities, but you'll also learn how you can tap into yours.

Kim has helped MILLIONS tune into their innate intuition by teaching them to quiet their minds and listen to their inner voice to figure out the next step.

Are you skeptical? I was, too.

Until she gave me a message from my dead father-in-law. It is the reason I sold my Boston home after 26 years and moved to southern Vermont. She changed my life forever.

What Kim will teach you is invaluable; you will learn:

  • What intuition is—and it’s not crazy woo-woo stuff.
  • Why that little voice in your head is actually right—and you need to listen to it.
  • The simple but powerful lessons she learned from those who have passed over will make your shoulders relax instantly.
  • That every soul on this planet has a purpose, and how to find out what yours is.
  • What the brain-heart connection is and how it instantly gives you the information you need right now.
  • That you have souls supporting you from the other side, and how to connect with them.

Kim will show you why and how we must open up our minds and hearts to new possibilities and use the guidance of our loved ones to navigate life.

You just have to listen.

Xo, Mel

In this episode:

  • 2:00: Hearing this might change your life.
  • 4:30: The mind-blowing session with Kim Russo that still gives me chills.
  • 6:40: Nobody knew we’d been discussing a move to Vermont.
  • 8:50: Now we live in an entirely new state because I trusted in the guidance.
  • 11:20: What is an intuitive psychic medium and why doesn’t Kim like that title?
  • 16:15: Kim knew something was different about her from a young age.
  • 22:50: This news Kim shared felt really comforting to me.
  • 28:25: Kim was a “normal mortal” until she did this.
  • 33:20: What should you do if you think you have a psychic gift?
  • 39:00: You’ve had an experience where you were a “medium in the moment”.
  • 41:15: How do you tap into this kind of energy?
  • 45:25: What the heck is a ‘soul contract’?
  • 47:40: A powerful question to ask yourself when making a big decision.
  • 49:30: The three biggest life lessons Kim says you need to hear.
  • 52:10: Two things people can do to develop their intuition.
  • 57:20: Try this cool experiment on your own to prove how intuitive you are.
  • 59:10: That night in the pouring rain with the owl was a spiritual experience.
  • 1:04:20: Is being an empath a form of mediumship?
  • 1:05:30: Do you get anxiety that comes out of nowhere? This might be why.
  • 1:07:00: You have a field of energy around you. (Scientists call it a biofield.)
  • 1:10:25: How do you “read” other people?

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