Want to Be Happier Right Now? Don’t Make This Mistake (New Surprising Science)



What is the secret reason you might not be happy?

Did you know that there are common things that steal fulfillment and joy from your life?

Today, Mel is diving into the 3 research-backed habits that can make your life better. Because happiness is not only possible; it is an option for you.

This conversation is not only comforting and impactful; it is also packed with practical and proven tools that can be put to work in your life immediately.

Mel is thrilled to introduce you to the incredible Dr. Judith Joseph, MD.

Dr. Joseph is a renowned double-board-certified psychiatrist who trained at and is affiliated with Columbia University and New York University. Dr. Joseph is also a pioneering researcher and the founder and principal investigator of her research institute, Manhattan Behavioral Medicine, where she has conducted over 60 clinical research trials, and today she is sharing her innovative work with you.

This interview took a surprising turn. In this hour-long conversation, Mel goes deeper than ever, discussing her struggle with the lingering feeling of “blah” she’s had for the past couple of years.

In this episode, you’ll also learn:

  • Why you need to throw your idea of what happiness is out the window.
  • The ONE thing you need to know if you want to achieve a happier life.
  • What “anhedonia” is and what are the signs of struggling with it are.
  • Learn if you have anhedonia (and Mel’s shocking results to Dr. Joseph’s quiz).
  • Dr. Joseph’s ONE recommendation for anyone who wants more daily enjoyment in life.
  • How long it will take you to be happier with Dr. Joseph's techniques.
  • 3 simple steps to taking better care of yourself this year.
  • The real reason the lack of joy is so common right now.
  • Why you don’t remember as much anymore.
  • The common mistakes you might be making that block joy.
  • The connection between slowing down and increased meaning and happiness.
  • The ONE thing Dr. Joseph will NEVER do to keep joy and happiness in her life.

For more resources, including links to Dr. Joseph’s work, studies, and quizzes to find out if you have anhedonia, click here for the podcast episode page.

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