What Makes a Good Life? Lessons From the Longest Study on Happiness



This one study will change how you think about your entire life.

Today, you’re getting the definitive answer to this powerful question:

What makes a good life?

There is nothing more important than this conversation. Because by the time you are done listening, your life won’t be the same.

In this episode, you’re getting the research, the secrets, and some very surprising takeaways from an 86-year-long study at Harvard. The Harvard Study of Adult Development began in 1938 and is the longest study that has ever been done on happiness, relationships, and the human experience.

Joining Mel today is the director of that study, Dr. Robert Waldinger, MD. Dr. Waldinger is a medical doctor, professor at Harvard Medical School, and a zen priest. He is here to share all of the groundbreaking research and, more importantly, give you the answers to what you need to do starting today in order to live a good life.

You’ll learn the best life advice and lessons from 100-year-olds, the surprising question of whether you can predict if you’ll be healthy at age 80, the simple daily habit that leads to lasting happiness, and more—all backed by decades of research.

For more resources, including the link to Dr. Waldinger’s fantastic book, The Good Life, click here for the podcast episode page.

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