What to Do When You’ve Been Cheated On



In this episode, we are digging into betrayal and learning how to get your power back after someone shatters your trust.

It’s happened to me and I know it’s happened to you, too.

Maybe someone cheated on you. Maybe someone stole from you in business. Perhaps it was a friend who stabbed you in the back.

It’s painful.

You might not be sure how to confront that person, or if it’s even worth it.

Or if you did confront them, they may have denied and deflected, making you feel like something was wrong with you.

Well today I’m using my own experiences with betrayal to coach Sonia and Jenn - and you - through this.

You always have options, and whether you believe it or not, you can get your power back.

Today’s episode will help you heal, change your perspective, and equip you with the tools you need to land on your feet and be smarter, more open and able to create healthier relationships, partnerships, and friendships in the future.

You deserve that.

Buckle up, because your friend Mel is hitting you between the eyes with some hard earned wisdom and tough love today.

Xo Mel

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 3:30: I was betrayed by someone in my business and this is what I learned.
  • 4:12: Sonia asks her question about a painful betrayal.
  • 5:15: Should you confront this person? Ask yourself this first.
  • 11:40: You don’t need to have this in order to feel closure with someone.
  • 14:20: Here’s how to have a conversation with someone who betrayed you.
  • 16:00: Jenn reveals how her painful betrayal has changed her.
  • 17:30: This is the hardest part of betrayal to grasp. Please play on repeat.
  • 19:20: Here is what you’re actually grieving after you’ve been betrayed.
  • 26:45: You need to change your story of betrayal. Here’s how.
  • 28:30: Trying to work through betrayal with someone you love? Listen to this.
  • 34:40: Here is what the experts say about affairs.
  • 39:45: The advice from Jenn that you need to hear if you’ve just been betrayed.

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