Where Did All My Friends Go? A Simple Guide to Finding Your People (Steal This!)



In this episode, I show you how to find your people, have more fun, and create meaningful friendships as an adult in a very simple way.

And it starts with your morning coffee.

Plus, I’m sharing 4 opening lines and tactics you can use when approaching a potential new friend.

Can we just be honest? Making new friends as an adult is so hard. And I believe that we are all struggling with it.

So I’m going to share the strategies that I have used in the last year to go from moving to a new town and feeling like I have "no friends" to taking the steps to create an awesome new circle of adult friends.

Today you’ll learn:

  • The ONE practical and life-changing tool you need to create adult friendships
  • A fun framework for friendship that involves the 4 different types of coffee shops in your area
  • The lies we all tell ourselves about friendships that keep us thinking we have none
  • How remote work has changed the friendship game
  • The single best place to park yourself on a Saturday morning to find your people
  • How to approach a stranger (potential friend) without coming across as weird, creepy, or awkward

What I’m sharing today works because this is how I found my people in the last 12 months.

Xo Mel

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 2:37: Today I feel like I’m living in an adult summer camp; it wasn’t always this way.
  • 4:31: It is within your power to create community and connection.
  • 7:13: What happens when you look through the lens of loneliness?
  • 8:55: The #1 mistake I made with my friendships.
  • 10:15: If you want the flower to grow, you need to plant the seed. Let me explain.
  • 14:05: The lie you’re telling yourself when it comes to friendships.
  • 18:44: Why making friends feels so hard nowadays.
  • 20:07: A fun framework for friendship that involves the 4 different types of coffee shops in your area.
  • 27:58: The coffee shop I go to and why it’s been a gamechanger for meeting potential friends.
  • 31:28: I challenge you to do this the next time you get a coffee.
  • 33:08: Friendship is a verb, you have to make it happen.
  • 34:18: This ONE tool will allow you to create lasting bonds.
  • 35:03: For all my introverts, here is my advice for you...
  • 36:18: The easiest ways to create connection in any situation.
  • 37:20: Don’t have weekend plans? You will after you do this.
  • 41:08: Making new friends can be fun and easy (I’m being serious).


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