You Asked, I Answered: Don’t Blame Me for Delivering the Hard Truth



In today’s episode, we are trying something new, and absolutely anything goes. You’ve been flooding my inbox with questions, problems, sticky situations, and big, big dreams and goals.

So today, because you asked, I am going to show up and deliver the hard truth, the surprising advice, the tricks to get you out of any pickle, and the inspiration that you need to take that next step.

Nothing is off the table. So don’t f***ing blame me when I tell you how it is.

I’ve got a pile of hundreds and thousands of YOUR questions, and I’m giving you the coaching you need.

This might be my favorite episode I ever recorded.

We are going to cover:

  • When it’s time to walk away from a friendship (hint: when these 2 things disappear).
  • How it’s about damn time you stop dating for potential.
  • How to use the ‘Let Them Theory’ to protect your energy.
  • ONE tool you need to make decisions without overthinking.
  • What’s keeping you from getting a raise or promotion, and more importantly, what should you do to get it.
  • How to get someone you love to go to therapy (and when it’s time to walk away).
  • Why a mid-life crisis is actually your greatest opportunity.

Oh, and we will cover my favorite swear word for the season (I can’t write it here, so you’ll have to listen).

You will laugh with me in this episode, and you will also get advice you need to hear.

But don’t blame me if it is TMI—you asked for it!

Xo, Mel

P.S. If any little ones are listening, put those headphones on!

In this episode:

  • 1:40: How do you know when to walk away from a friendship?
  • 9:00: How do you make decisions without overthinking?
  • 10:20: How do women negotiate a fair salary with a boss?
  • 11:55: Mel, what were your dreams when you were a girl?
  • 14:40: How do you get someone to go to therapy when they need it?
  • 25:50: How can you be vulnerable with word vomiting everything?
  • 26:30: Mel, what’s your favorite swear word?
  • 28:20: You need to hear the advice I give about the BS of a ‘mid-life crisis’.
  • 30:50: Betsy’s husband is missing out on life, and she needs help.

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