Harvard Professor Says THIS Is the Secret to Success (It’s Not What You Think)



According to Harvard professor Dr. Luana Marques, there is one sneaky habit that holds every single person back – and no one knows what it is.

When she reveals the habit that holds you back, your first reaction will be to stop and think.

And as you listen to her explain it and give you examples, you’ll be shocked that you’ve never before seen it in yourself or heard anyone else point it out to you… until now.

You’re not the only one.

I didn’t know about this habit until I was introduced to Dr. Marques’ work.

What you learn today will change how you think about success, influence, mindset, and even anxiety and procrastination.

This sneaky habit has been holding you back and you didn’t even realize how pervasive it is in your life.

It’s not self-doubt. It’s not fear. It’s something even deeper.

I want you to listen, because she’s the world’s leading expert on the topic, and this is one of those episodes that will make you never look at life the same again.

Xo Mel

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 1:00: The sneaky habit that’s holding you back, according to Dr. Luana Marques
  • 3:00: Dr. Marques’ story will inspire you and explain how she discovered these tools.
  • 7:30: Why this specific habit is keeping you from your best life.
  • 9:00: How this habit leads to anxiety and panic at work.
  • 13:00: Dr. Marques’ turning point in finding the success she has, against all odds.
  • 22:00: Unpacking exactly what this habit is and how it holds you back, including your body’s response.
  • 27:30: The lie you keep telling yourself.
  • 30:00: This is how your brain is working against you.
  • 33:00: Simple tools from CBT Therapy research that make a difference.
  • 36:00: Exactly what to do when your thoughts spin and how to change your mindset immediately.
  • 42:00: This approach works even if you don’t believe it.
  • 43:30: How do you stress less and find more peace?
  • 47:00: The first thing Dr. Marques does when helping her clients change.
  • 50:00: How these strategies apply to parenting and family.


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