Turn Anxiety Into Power: A 3-Step Process to Master Your Emotions From a Harvard Psychologist



In this episode, Harvard professor Dr. Luana Marques is going to teach you 3 simple steps to turn anxiety into power. And she’s not fooling around; in the first few minutes, she even called me out.

If you want to be more successful and effective in getting what you want out of your life or career, learning how to master your emotions, especially in difficult situations, is an essential skill.

And Dr. Luana is a sought-after expert who will teach you how.

If major life changes crush you with overwhelm and anxiety, this is for you.

If stress and frustration are holding you back at work, you need her 3-step method.

If your palms start to sweat just thinking about…

  • Downloading the dating app.
  • Applying for a better job.
  • Moving in with your significant other.
  • Filing for divorce.
  • Your kids leaving for college or to live on their own.

Not anymore.

Dr. Luana Marques is a popular Harvard professor here to teach you that change is not only a necessary part of life but an incredibly powerful part of creating the life you want.

And even cooler, she is going through a MAJOR career change right now (and using her 3-step process to do it).

Today you’ll learn to:

  • Stop running away from your feelings.
  • Silence your self-doubt.
  • Figure out what’s most important to you (so you can run toward it).
  • Jump into new situations using a powerful metaphor.

And you’ll get a practical and simple 3-step framework to master any transition in your life.

Grab your notebook, your pencil, and hit play.

Xo Mel

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 02:36: Why are transitions so damn hard?
  • 06:45: The exercise you need to find your values, according to research.
  • 09:24: What happens when ambition no longer serves you?
  • 13:17: What happens when success comes at a cost?
  • 16:21: How values have shifted post-pandemic.
  • 20:54: Holding space for discomfort with your loved ones is essential.
  • 23:58: Feel your feelings; it’s okay to not feel okay.
  • 28:41: The one thing you need to add to your calendar today.
  • 31:42: Attach yourself to your why.
  • 37:56: Dr. Luana’s 3-step method to overcoming any transition.
  • 42:04: Dr. Luana’s incredible work at Harvard.
  • 43:08: What Dr. Luana means when she says the world is "locked".


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