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Recently I had the pleasure of hosting a live event in Los Angeles, CA. This event was part of a lecture series called The Brain Body Contract. My favorite part of the evening was the question & answer period, where I had the opportunity to answer questions from the attendees of each event. Included here is the Q&A from our event in Los Angeles, CA.

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(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:00:52) Sponsors: Eight Sleep & Momentous

(00:02:23) What Occurs in the Mind/Body When You Have ADHD? Are There Ways to Address It Without Medication?

(00:11:55) As a Teenager, What Are 5 Things You Would Recommend to Physically Feel My Best?

(00:14:42) Should We Wait to Feel the Rise of Adrenaline and the Fall of It Before Bailing From Cold Water?

(00:24:03) What Is the Competing Mechanism Behind Bilateral Eye Movement (EMDR & Walking) That Helps Resolve Psychological Trauma?

(00:28:07) What New Research or Interventions Are You Most Excited About in the Health & Wellness Realm?

(00:37:30) What Lessons From Skateboarding Have You Learned That Can Be Applied to Neuroscience?

(00:39:03) Favorite Feynman Story

(00:42:10) Do You Suppose This Physiological Stress Regulator Transcends Species?

(00:47:20) Is There Any Science Behind Staying Motivated or Developing Discipline?

(00:50:48) What Would Be Your Biggest Piece of Advice for Achieving One's Dreams?

(00:57:09) What's Your Opinion on Psilocybin?

(01:01:07) Why Does My Desire to Eat Disappear After I Use the Sauna?

(01:02:26) Conclusion

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