LIVE EVENT Q&A: Dr. Andrew Huberman Question & Answer in Seattle, WA


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Recently I had the pleasure of hosting two live events, one in Seattle, WA and one in Portland, OR. These events were part of a lecture series called The Brain Body Contract. My favorite part of each evening was the question & answer period, where I had the opportunity to answer questions from the attendees of each event. Included here is the Q&A from our event in Seattle, WA.

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(00:00:00) The Brain Body Contract Q&A

(00:01:07) Sponsors: Momentous, InsideTracker

(00:01:35) Upcoming Live Events: Los Angeles & New York

(00:02:16) What Is Your Most-Used Protocol?

(00:04:12) Should You Vary Wake-Up Time Seasonally?

(00:06:05) Why Is My Drive Depleted Upon Waking-Up?

(00:08:42) What Are Your Favorite/Most Impactful Books?

(00:12:08) What Excites You About the Future of Mental Health Treatment?

(00:17:25) What Is the Biggest Area for Performance Enhancement?

(00:21:44) Can You Still Do a Kickflip?

(00:22:32) Tips on How to Improve Memory

(00:24:54) How Do You Manage Social Media Addiction?

(00:27:43) Were You Nervous Tonight/ How Did You Prepare?

(00:29:10) Is Learning from Failure Equal to Learning from Success?

(00:32:23) When Are You Going to Start Training Jiu-Jitsu?

(00:33:28) Discuss the Supplements You Take

(00:36:29) Advice or Protocols to Improve Learning & Retention

(00:38:42) What Exciting Research/Work are You Doing?

(00:40:22) How Does Dopamine Factor into Neuroplasticity?

(00:43:12) What Advice Do You Have for Future Scientists?

(00:46:47) Is Age 66 Too Old for Neuroplasticity & Learning?

(00:48:00) How Do You Read Research Papers?

(00:49:40) What is Your Favorite Condiment?

(00:50:10) Most Important Takeaway from Your ADHD Research?

(00:52:58) What Future Episodes Are in the Pipeline?

Title Card Photo Credit: Mike Blabac


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