Renew Your Spirit: 5 Ways I’m Finding Hope & Strength Right Now



I’m not even going to call our conversation today an episode because it is so much bigger.

I am here with a soul-stirring and inspiring message that’s coming from my heart to yours.

When the world feels dark, you and I need to bring the light.

I was moved to share a deeply personal message with you today about the power you hold to make a difference right now. I hope that when you hear my words, they will inspire you to find your strength and that they will renew your spirit.

And just know if you’re reading this, I’m sending you my love, and I hope you feel my light and the protection of my prayers.

Xo Mel

In this episode:

  • 00:36: Ever met someone like this?
  • 4:35: Sometimes the love you need will come from this source.
  • 6:50: It meant so much to me when Ernest said this.
  • 7:50: I have a deep connection to lighthouses, so this metaphor was perfect.
  • 11:35: When someone tells me this, I immediately feel better.
  • 13:45: Today’s conversation isn’t really a podcast episode because it’s way deeper.
  • 14:20: We can’t get so caught up in the darkness that we forget this.
  • 16:35: I love this, in particular, about lighthouses.
  • 17:40: What exactly is your “light”?
  • 20:20: When I’m feeling sad and overwhelmed, I make it a point to do this.
  • 25:50: Cultivate this practice, even if you don’t have one now.
  • 28:40: Let me tell you about the 10-5 Rule and why it works.
  • 31:15: You need to keep the right balance of this to protect your mental health.
  • 32:35: And please, reach out to these people because they need to hear from you.
  • 34:08: We have an opportunity to feel power, even in times like these.

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