The Truth About Anxiety and How To Heal It: Tools for Anxiety From a Neuroscientist MD



Everything you think about anxiety is wrong.

Yes, we’re starting there.

And yes, we’re going deep.

I know that this episode will change your life. It has done the same for mine.

It’s not a secret that I’ve struggled with anxiety for pretty much my whole life. I swear I came out of the womb in a full-blown panic attack, and I was just warming up for a life of worry on a very elite, professional level.

I have been sharing my anxiety journey, and the tools that have helped me, for the past five years.

And in this episode, things go deeper than they have ever have before.

No exaggeration when I say that my takeaway from this interview today is so revolutionary, it’s forever changed the way I think about my anxiety and my relationship to it.

Which is why it’s my honor to introduce you to Dr. Russell Kennedy, MD.

I’m willing to bet that what you learn today you haven’t heard yet.

Like the real reason you’re anxious in the first place.

It’s not what you’re thinking.

No lie, I’ve been stalking Dr. Kennedy on Instagram for the past year because I just love his stuff.

Like me, he’s lived with his own anxiety since childhood. As a neuroscientist and a medical doctor, he also has the clinical experience to teach us how to HEAL our anxiety.

Did you catch that?

You don’t have to stop at managing your anxiety; you can actually heal it.

I see you if you’re living with a constant “nervous stomach.”

I see you if you can’t sleep.

I see you if your heart races and your muscles are often tense.

What Dr. Kennedy shares with you today has changed my relationship to anxiety, and I know it can do the same for you.

It will blow your mind when Dr. Kennedy tells you that we’ve been attacking this all wrong, and he’ll give you simple science and research-backed tools that will change your life immediately!

I ask all the questions you are thinking about anxiety and Dr. Kennedy and I get real with the answers.

You are not only going to learn how to deal with your anxiety in a very simple but effective way, you are going to learn why it’s there, what it’s trying to tell you, and how to heal it for good.

This episode has changed my life and I know it will do the same for you and your loved ones. Bookmark this episode and share it with those in your life who need it.

It’s time. You deserve what you’re about to learn.

Xo Mel

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