Tony Hawk: Harnessing Passion, Drive & Persistence for Lifelong Success


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In this episode, my guest is Tony Hawk, the legendary and pioneering professional skateboarder, video game and skateboard industry entrepreneur, and founder of the Skatepark Project, whose philanthropic mission is to help underserved communities create safe and inclusive public skateparks for all youth. We discuss his career, how he helped popularize and evolve the sport of skateboarding, and his role as an ambassador for skateboard culture. We also discuss where he derives his intrinsic drive, how he sets and evolves goals and how he has made remarkable and continual progress throughout his career. We also discuss Tony’s ability to overcome what would otherwise be career-ending injuries. For anyone seeking to find or pursue their passion and make lifelong progress while serving the larger world, this episode with Tony Hawk ought to be of deep interest.

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(00:00:00) Tony Hawk

(00:03:16) Sponsors: LMNT & ROKA

(00:05:55) Childhood & Self-Concept

(00:11:08) Early Skateboarding & Skateparks

(00:16:58) Adolescence, Skateboarding

(00:23:10) Turning Professional, The Bones Brigade

(00:34:22) Sponsor: AG1

(00:35:27) Trick Development & Evolution

(00:40:33) Visualization, Dreaming

(00:47:09) “Feeling” While Skateboarding

(00:51:15) Drive & Discipline; Injuries

(00:58:46) Injury Recovery Practices

(01:05:46) Sponsor: InsideTracker

(01:06:52) Healthy Life Practices & Skateboarding

(01:15:03) Video Game Development

(01:23:00) Financial Investments, Birdhouse

(01:30:16) Professionalism; Hobbies

(01:35:43) Kids, Parents & Skateboarding

(01:44:15) Music; High School

(01:49:28) Females in Skateboarding

(01:56:04) Inspiration, Kids, Bones Brigade

(02:01:18) Memorabilia, Autographs

(02:05:50) Skatepark Project

(02:08:14) Future Goals & Aspirations

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Title Card Photo Credit: Mike Blabac


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